AGB 750 and AGB 800 (Above Ground Boxes)

  • Available with black & blue lids
  • When installed, it is the most stable & robust on the market
  • Secure lockable patented design, accessed by special key only
  • AGB Meter read in 5 seconds – 95% time saving
  • Meter & valves above ground level for ease of maintenance & reading
  • No sand / mud covering the meter while reading
  • Secure council isolating ¼ turn valve, not accessible by the consumer
  • Secure flow restrictor, easily installed & removed without changing fittings
  • Secondary locking device available for Restrictor Body
  • Consumer Valve above ground for easy access with a removable handle for the consumer
  • Easily installed by semi-skilled labour
  • Factory assembled unit which is quality & pressure tested to 24 Bar
  • Cartridge Meters facilitate servicing without removal of meter body
  • Piping and fittings are fusion-welded
  • Reflective stand numbers easily applied and visible on AGB
  • Factory pressure tested for 2 mins to 24 Bar reducing the possibility for undetected leaks


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